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If your toothbrush doesn’t look new, get a new one.

People often assume that, being a dentist, I spend a lot of time looking at people’s teeth when I’m out in public. Actually, I don’t really do that, unless something stands out as particularly unusual, and then I get curious!

However, one thing that I am always interested in, particularly when I visit people’s homes, is the condition of their toothbrushes.

I am often shocked to find college-educated folks with toothbrushes that I wouldn’t use to clean my floor, let alone put in my mouth and clean my teeth—yuck!

How to Tell When to Replace Your Toothbrush

A simple indication of when to replace your toothbrush is when it stops looking like a new toothbrush.

If the bristles are bent or frayed in any way, replace it with a new one!

You can get several months out of a toothbrush, depending on how hard you press, but as soon as the bristles are bent, it is time for a new brush.

After you have had a sickness, cold, or other illness, that’s a great time to replace an old toothbrush, just to get rid of the bacteria and viruses possibly harbored inside.

Stay Healthy & Germ Free!

It should go without saying that you should never use or borrow someone else’s toothbrush.

Germs and viruses can be spread that way, definitely a no-no. That’s how diseases get spread, including life-long ones like herpes. And if your dental health has always been great, but your new partner’s dental wellness is less than ideal, you could be risking your own health sharing their bacteria. Help them get back on track so you don’t get off track.

In the same light, I also recommend never sharing glasses or utensils with family members, you never know who may have what, without them being aware of it.

Optimum health for the body starts in the mouth.

If your toothbrush is not looking new anymore, replace it!

Curious about which kind of toothbrush could work best for you, a traditional toothbrush or an electronic toothbrush?

Find out in our next monthly newsletter when I break down the specific pros and cons of each.

In the meantime, contact us directly with your questions and to schedule your next visit to keep on track.

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Dr. Sue
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