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Sharing Smiles community care program

Created for:
Individuals, households, families, and small businesses that do not have dental insurance.

At Strong & Healthy Smiles by Dr. Sue Keller, we experience the same frustrations with dental insurance that you do. Dental “insurance” policies are never as good as they’re cracked up to be: they are expensive, complex, bureaucratic, and place seemingly random limits on care that is in your best interest. If you change your job, your insurance could change, or you could even lose your insurance coverage.

Many small businesses and individuals can’t afford to pay the monthly premiums for dental insurance. If you don’t have dental insurance, you may put off getting essential care. If you do have dental insurance, you are limited to a minimal amount of care (same amount as in 1960 when dental insurance was first introduced) that does not take your unique needs into consideration. We want our patients to get the preventive care and treatment they need, so we created our innovative solution to the dental insurance problem: Smile Shares dental prevention memberships.

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Local businesses:
Do you know a local business which would like to improve the dental wellness of its employees, without the costs and limitations of old-fashioned dental insurance? Paying for part or all of their employees’ Smile Shares plan is a great way to foster better dental health and empower their employees to take the first steps to a strong & healthy smile. Beyond Smile Shares, Dr. Sue Keller is available to consult with your company regarding dental wellness and support options such as direct reimbursement for care. Direct reimbursement is an easy way of saving the company money, improving the benefit to employees, and preserving your employees’ ability to choose the provider that best meets their needs.