Your smile can last a lifetime

Dr. Sue’s dental wellness solutions help you keep a strong and healthy smile for life. If you’re worried because you feel you’ve neglected your teeth and fear how much dental work you might need, visit Strong & Healthy Smiles. We’ve been working with patients like you for over twenty years, and we know from experience that you CAN get your smile back, with much less hassle than you’re probably expecting.

You will get comfortable care in our cozy dental office, conveniently located in downtown Florence with ample parking.

services 1

Dental Anxiety

services 2

Periodontal (Gum) Disease Treatment

services 3

Gum Disease Prevention and Products

services 4

Oral Hygiene Coaching

services 5

Laser Dentistry for Gums and Teeth

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Dental Implant Crowns

services 6

Dentures and Implant Dentures

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White Composite Bonded Fillings

services 6

Snap on Smile Tooth Replacements

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Teeth Whitening

I’m ready to have a strong and healthy smile again!