Cavity Management Program

Have you gotten a new cavity recently? Do you know why? Our Cavity Management Program is designed to help you prevent new cavities. No one likes cavities, especially when they cause pain, lead to root canal therapy, or cause teeth to break. Our Cavity Management Program starts with testing your saliva in 6 different ways and making a detailed review of your diet, habits, and home care.

To ensure that your smile receives the proper care it needs, we recommend the following products, which are available at Strong & Healthy Smiles by Dr. Sue Keller:

CariFree® products for cavity treatment and prevention
GumChucks® the most fun you’ll ever have flossing!
GC MI Paste™ to remineralize early decay
Brand new: Ice Chips® mints with Xylitol to prevent cavities and as seen on “Shark Tank”!
Spry® gums and mints with Xylitol to prevent cavities


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