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No one likes cavities, especially when they cause pain or cause teeth to break. Gum disease is the leading cause of bad breath, but its inflammation and infection can affect your whole body, including your heart, brain, and unborn child!

We also provide 2 unique preventive care programs. Our Cavity Management Program helps you prevent new cavities, starting with testing your saliva in 6 different ways and making a detailed review of your diet, habits, and home care. Our Periodontal Management Program is designed to treat gum disease without traditional surgery, and help you create and maintain a healthy foundation for your smile.


We provide oral cancer screenings at every new patient and regular maintenance visit. These screenings allow Dr. Sue to identify oral cancer at the earliest possible stage. During these screenings, the doctor and hygienist look for the signs and symptoms of oral cancer, including: a sore or irritation in your mouth that does not go away within 2 weeks, visible red or white patches in the mouth, pain or tenderness in the mouth or lips, a lump or small eroded area in the mouth or throat, difficulty chewing or swallowing, and a change in a way your teeth or dentures fit together when you close your mouth. If you notice any of these signs, we encourage you to contact our office as soon as possible.

We want the best possible oral health for our patients, which is why we offer screenings for oral cancer. We understand that oral cancer is not something people want to deal with, but if you come into our office and go through the screening, this gives us a chance to identify and treat the cancer before it becomes more serious. We want our patients to have top-notch oral health, and we will do everything we can to make that happen. You deserve to be happy and have the health you need to live a normal life.

Are you interested in getting an oral cancer screening to check your oral health? Call us today! We are happy to help you in any way we can.