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When is the best time to bring your baby to the dentist?

By the first tooth or first birthday, whichever comes first! Ideally, Dr. Keller would like to review preventive care with the family during pregnancy, so that she can coach proper timing of nursing/feeding the baby to avoid cavities when the teeth erupt around 6 months of age. The sooner proper mouth care begins, the easier the baby adapts to tooth care, creating a successful experience and a cavity-free child.

Did you know that bacteria are transmitted from the primary caregiver to the infant through sharing of utensils, and that the herpes virus that causes cold sores can be transmitted from adults to baby from kissing and sharing utensils?

If you have a baby and haven't gotten our preventive care information, please schedule a "Meet and Greet" with Dr. Keller. She will be happy to share her top tips for raising a cavity-free kid with you. Dental prevention can start before the teeth erupt!

Laser Frenum Release of tied tongue or lip

Having trouble nursing due to a tied tongue or lip? A newborn who is having trouble nursing may have a common condition known as ‘tongue-tie’ or ankyloglossia. This condition is caused when a frenum – a small piece of tissue – connects the bottom of the tongue to the bottom of the mouth and restricts normal movement such as nursing or speaking.

Click here to learn more and then call Dr. Sue Keller to see if laser frenum release can help your baby nurse better.

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