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We are proud to say that we use digital X-rays here at Strong & Healthy Smiles by Dr. Sue Keller, and we do it for your advantage!

Digital X-rays utilize less radiation than typical X-ray machines, and we are so happy to keep our patients safe by using it. In fact, Dr. Sue Keller was among the first dentists in this area to use digital radiography the Pioneer Valley. Our latest version is Schick 33, and we love offering you treatment that is more comfortable and accurate. This machine allows us to see the results immediately and helps us better visualize problems and catch them while they are smaller and easier to correct. Our digital X-ray system immediately sends the images of your smile to Dr. Sue’s computer and allows her to easily evaluate and diagnose any problems. This also provides us the opportunity to compare the most recent image to images from the past, which gives Dr. Sue the chance to compare your stages of health. The digital X-ray also allows us to send the results to any other healthcare professionals as needed, such as oral surgeons, orthodontists, or periodontists.

We are pleased to utilize digital radiography and take advantage of all of its wonderful features for our patients’ benefit. To learn more about the advantages of digital X-rays, give us a call today!