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Are you wondering about dental implants in Florence, MA? This article will help you understand whether you need them now or not. Dr. Sue Keller specializes in dental implants in Florence and Northampton, Massachusetts.

About Dental Implants

They’ve been around for ages, but it isn’t until recently that we’ve really seen dental implants getting the spotlight they deserve. They are the ultimate alternative to those who don’t want dentures, to those missing one or more teeth due to reasons beyond their control, and have so many more applications. Here’s when you should get them:

After Tooth Loss Due to Decay or Disease

Some of us endure tooth decay no matter how hard we try to avoid it, and it’s never pleasant. Fortunately, it’s not the end of your perfect smile. Getting a dental implant installed can allow you to smile without restriction again, granting you the confidence you may have lost due to dental problems.

After Your Tooth Falls Out Due to Injury

If you play contact sports or work in a dangerous industry, it’s more than likely that you’ll endure a few injuries along the way. On some occasions, that may result in immediate tooth loss. Getting a dental implant if the tooth cannot be restored is a surefire way to bring your smile back, but to also avoid tooth shifting by leaving an open space available.

After an Automobile Accident

There are circumstances that are beyond our control, especially car accidents. Though you can’t control the events, you can take control of any injuries you may have sustained to your mouth. If you’re going to go for dental implants after an accident, your entire smile can be reconstructed through the wonders of cosmetic dentistry.

When There’s a Hole In Your Gums That Won’t Close

Having what’s called a “food trap,” or a hole in your gums that hasn’t healed fully yet, is a harbor for bacterial growth in your mouth. If your gums haven’t completely covered the area after an extraction, it could be in your best interest to get a dental implant instead of leaving the whole unattended.

Turn to the Expert in Dental Implants in Florence, MA – Dr. Sue Keller

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