We know you’re more likely to keep up with your dental care if you feel relaxed at your visits. Your visit with us is special. We want to support your decision to take good care of your dental health in every way. That’s why we cater to you with our unique “Comfort Menu.”

comfort 1

Video Glasses

Watch a movie on a 54" screen-right in front of your eyes with full surround sound.

comfort 2

Your Favorite Music

Make a music selection from Pandora, iHeart radio, and listen with our wireless headphones, or use your iPod.

comfort 3

Ear Plugs

Retreat into silence with comfortable ear plugs.

comfort 4

Chair Support

Get comfortable in our chair with mesh back support, towel rolls and pillows for back and neck support.

comfort 5

Cozy Blanket

Snuggle into our soft, warm fleece blanket. Feel free to catch a few zzzzz's!

comfort 6

Neck Message Wrap

Relieve your sore neck with a relaxing neck message with heat.

comfort 7

Essential Oils

Enjoy a selection of relaxing essential oils: Orange, Lavendar, or "Peace and Calming".

comfort 8

Mother Earth Pillows

Transform your dental visit with our relaxation options from Mother Earth Pillows - body wrap, eye pillow, booties, hand mitts and our special large pillow.

Oooh, I can’t wait to relax at Strong & Healthy Smiles!