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Easthampton glass artist Jesse Rasid, right, assists Sue Keller of Deerfield in taking a gather of molten glass out of the furnace June 17, 2017 during a workshop at Snow Farm: The New England Craft Program in Williamsburg. —GAZETTE STAFF/SARAH CROSBY

Jesse Rasid, who has been a glass blower for some 25 years, says he loves working with glass, whether making drinking glasses, decorative art or other items. But he cautions that it can be quirky stuff to work with.

“It is the weirdest, most interesting simple material you could imagine, but it has a thousand rules, like the English language,” he says. “It has no grain like wood, but it has memory, so if you dent it or fold it, it will try to dent or fold in the same place again.”

Rasid, who lives in Easthampton, now works for the Northampton Department of Public Works (DPW), after years of having held other jobs to help support his glass blowing. But he still finds time to teach classes at places like Snow Farm in Williamsburg, where Hampshire Life caught up with him.